The very idea for this campaign was conceptualised keeping in mind the multi-facet personality of an army soldier. The focus, right from the beginning, was to showcase today’s youth what all is Indian army all about. In today’s times, when anything and everything around is known for its materialistic value, Indian army comes as a vocation which is much more than just a way of living. For it gives you the purpose to ‘live beyond’.

One by one, each of the press advertisements show an important feature of army life.The intention was to create a replay of what essentially makes Indian army and what makes the army soldier stand out from the crowd. Right from their indomitable spirit, to their fascinating lifestyle to their charming personality, everything is effectively shown with a miraculous eye for detail. Collectively, all the campaign's advertisements show what helps, and pushes a common man to live beyond, and revive once he becomes an army person.


Creative Director
Sumeet Kundhiya

Sumeet Kundhiya

Lakhwinder Singh, Ashish Bansal, Aashima Marwaha, & Ishan Aggarwal

Sumeet Kundhiya

Indian Army
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