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Diwali Templates Collection for Canva India

Project Overview

For the festive season of Diwali, we embarked on a vibrant journey to capture the essence of the Festival of Lights in a series of templates designed for Canva India. Our goal was to make it easier for our users to create, celebrate, and share their Diwali greetings, invitations, and messages with a cultural touch that resonates with the spirit of the celebration.

Role: Art Director

As the Art Director for this project, my responsibilities included overseeing the creative vision and execution of the Diwali templates collection. I collaborated closely with a diverse team of talented individuals, guiding the content strategy and visual aesthetics and ensuring that each template not only captured the festive spirit but also adhered to Canva's high standards of design and user experience.

Team Collaboration

  • Content Team: Developed engaging copy and content ideas that were culturally relevant and resonated with our target audience.
  • Designers: Transformed ideas into visually stunning templates, incorporating traditional and modern design elements.
  • Copywriters: Crafted compelling messages and greetings that captured the essence of Diwali, ensuring they were adaptable across various templates.
  • Video Team: Produced engaging video templates that allowed users to share animated Diwali greetings, enhancing the festive experience.
  • Illustrators: Created custom illustrations that reflected Diwali themes, including lamps, fireworks, and traditional motifs.
  • Motion Design Team: Added life to illustrations and graphics through subtle animations, making the templates more dynamic and interactive.

Project Highlights

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Ensured all designs and content were respectful and authentic to Diwali celebrations.
  • Inclusivity: We designed templates that are customizable, allowing users to personalize their Diwali greetings, invitations, and posts.

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